Dane Hulse

About Us

Dane Hulse is a well-known debt collector in New York City. He is highly experienced and professional in his job, using many modern techniques and tools to make his services unique and effective.

About Us


Need help collecting your money back? Make an appointment with Dane Hulse.


“No debt in New York goes unpaid”


Is a practice of providing loans to individuals or businesses. Dane Hulse provides these service more cheaply than any other traditional and financial institutions

Cheque Recovery

Over a million bad checks are written each year in New York, some of them are due to the genuine mistake but many of them are written with the purpose of fraud.

Debtor Evaluation

Dane Hulse provides you the service where he collects all the information of any debtor which is a must part of his services.

Debt Services

Debt service is the payment required to cover the refund of interest and principal on debt for a particular time period. We not deals in Delhi Escorts & Call Girls in Delhi

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Dane Hulse is a very knowledgeable man and highly experienced in his work. He knows the worth of his work and clients. He handled my case and it was really very relaxing after he managed it. I would like to recommend his services to others too.

John Smoth

Dane Hulse is an authentic debt collector who work closely with the client, proactive ,keep the client updated and quick to respond to any queries. When selecting a collection agency, you want a service that is reputable and honest, one that fights to recover your funds without tarnishing the good name of your company.

Paul Johnson

Dane Hulse and his team is committed to setting the standard of excellence in the recovery of debt and provide successful mediation, dispute resolution and installment planning. They provide customized solutions and develop beneficial and lasting relationship with their clients.

Phillip B. Farrar